Michael Beinhorn Fires Drummers

This morning, I received an email from a friend. He found it extremely amusing that when he Googled my name in order to read my latest blog post, the first thing that came up was the following string of words; ‘Michael Beinhorn Fires Drummers”. That sentiment seems to have been going around of late- in Continue Reading

What I’m Doing About It Now Redux

Ok- back again. I’ve been incommunicado from blog-writing because I’ve chosen instead to write a book which addresses everything I began to address in blog form, but in greater detail. In the meantime, I’ve been developing a more ethical approach to record production. As this has progressed, I’ve completely revamped my entire approach to working Continue Reading

A Primer On Feel

I am posting this article here (as well as on my website), due to its apparent popularity. Music is every bit as visceral as it is engaging for the mind (if it is not moreso). It is a total, fulfilling experience and even though it doesn’t engage other senses (in the way motion pictures and Continue Reading

Good Isn’t Actually Great/The Feeling Is Everything

After I published a recent blog (parenthetically entitled ‘My Manifesto’), I received a lot of comments regarding one particular assertion I’d made. The assertion I made was this; no one has made a truly great piece of popular music in years. Many people were infuriated by this statement. From some of their responses, I got Continue Reading

What I’m Doing About It (My Manifesto) Pt 3

If it can be acknowledged that there is a problem, it can also be acknowledged there is a solution. My solution is to start by helping novice artists- mentoring them, sharing what I know with them. I am doing this so these new artists will have the same opportunities to learn (and consequently, to grow) Continue Reading

What I’m Doing About It (My Manifesto) Pt 2

First Issue- What is the problem? Contemporary popular music is one vast cultural problem among many (but it’s a problem of great magnitude due to the scope of its influence). It is a precise indicator of what ails society (if one looks for the correct symptoms). Personal expression has ceased to be the provenance of Continue Reading

What I’m Doing About It (My Manifesto) Pt 1

The individual posts in this blog are unique from one another. They also double as component pieces which underscore a central, all-encompassing theme. I’m utilizing this blog as a means to present some of the issues facing popular music as I see them (from as many different perspectives as I can envision). I am stating Continue Reading

A Crescendo Grows In Hollywood

In mid 1987, I began work with The Red Hot Chili Peppers on their third album. The first day we started recording at Capitol Studios was a milestone of epic proportions for myself and the band. This was far more than just our first day in the studio- being at Capitol designated closure for us. Continue Reading