What I’m Doing About It (My Manifesto) Pt 3

If it can be acknowledged that there is a problem, it can also be acknowledged there is a solution. My solution is to start by helping novice artists- mentoring them, sharing what I know with them. I am doing this so these new artists will have the same opportunities to learn (and consequently, to grow) Continue Reading

What I’m Doing About It (My Manifesto) Pt 2

First Issue- What is the problem? Contemporary popular music is one vast cultural problem among many (but it’s a problem of great magnitude due to the scope of its influence). It is a precise indicator of what ails society (if one looks for the correct symptoms). Personal expression has ceased to be the provenance of Continue Reading

What I’m Doing About It (My Manifesto) Pt 1

The individual posts in this blog are unique from one another. They also double as component pieces which underscore a central, all-encompassing theme. I’m utilizing this blog as a means to present some of the issues facing popular music as I see them (from as many different perspectives as I can envision). I am stating Continue Reading

A Crescendo Grows In Hollywood

In mid 1987, I began work with The Red Hot Chili Peppers on their third album. The first day we started recording at Capitol Studios was a milestone of epic proportions for myself and the band. This was far more than just our first day in the studio- being at Capitol designated closure for us. Continue Reading

The truth hurts and vanity kills

In 1999, my life had arrived at a perfectly acceptable, yet utterly untenable place. I was at a high point in my career and had been nominated for a variety of awards. My marriage had also dissolved and my emotional state was questionable. I was living in a small apartment on the Hudson River and Continue Reading

There are no bad people, just bad ideas

World history has come to a unique and remarkable point of convergence. With each new moment, current events are literally recreating, rewiring and redirecting the course of civilization. Technology is playing a tremendous role in all of this change. The capability to distribute information and to communicate with others is unprecedented. Data flows through the Continue Reading

The work ethic and breeding stillborn artists

The concept of a work ethic has always figured strongly in the output of artists. It can be seen in every important piece of art down through the ages, from St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican to The White Album. It is implausible that such remarkable things could have been created by people who didn’t Continue Reading

The unbearable agony of focusing

Sometimes, it’s so easy to become literally and thoroughly absorbed by whatever creative project I’m working on. When this happens, it’s as if I’ve entered into some kind of alternate universe. Instantly, I lose track of the time and everything around me begins to recede into the background. People simply fade away, objects vanish, appointments Continue Reading

It’s all about intent

Modern digital recording technology is as miraculous as it is still relatively new and undeveloped. From a technical and historical perspective, what could be achieved with previous recording platforms is dwarfed by what can be accomplished with current systems. The fact that there are now software programs which can alter the individual notes of an Continue Reading